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There’s a lot about Southridge Church that is new, but we’ve actually been in the Tri-Cities since 1968. We are grounded and growing on the cornerstone of Christ. Below you will learn a little bit about why we exist, where we’ve been, where we are, and by God’s grace, where we’re headed.
Our Mission
To share God’s peace and strength in the Southridge area of the Tri-Cities.
Our Vision
To be a church that is active in our community for the benefit of our community.
Our History
Southridge Church started as King of Kings Lutheran Church. It began as a four-family group in 1968. They grew to be able to support their own pastor in 1970 and built a church building at the corner of Edison and 5th in Kennewick in 1975. At one point, King of Kings ran a Christian K-8 day school in that church building
Our Present
We are currently growing and out-growing our facility. As we grow, we are getting younger and younger as a congregation. In response to this blessing, we made plans to expand our ministries and relocate to a place where we could offer them. We currently are still worshiping at our old building – 5209 W 5th Avenue. This building is now owned by the Apostolic Assembly and we rent it from them for our activities throughout the week.  We are building at the corner of S Sherman and Bob Olson Parkway (just west of Southridge High School) and plan to start using that facility in the Fall of 2019. VIEW OUR LATEST BUILDING CONCEPT We have changed our name to Southridge Church to better reflect our mission.
Our Future
Only God knows what is in store for us, but guided by His Word and our mission, we are planning to expand our ministry in the Tri-Cities in two specific ways:
In addition to a new worship space, classrooms will also be included in our new building to serve as an Early Childhood Center. We hope to begin a preschool (3K, 4K, and 5K) curriculum for the 2020/21 school year.
As we plan out our new building and early childhood ministry, our goal is to plant ministries in West Richland and Pasco to serve as local bases from which to share peace and strength in God with those communities.
The corner of W Hildebrand & S Sherman, Kennewick
The front entrance mid-construction (January 2019)

Future location (Spring 2019)